Thierry Botty van den Bruele

I will fight against prejudice towards sexual minorities, fully support equality, and speak up on current issues faced in europe.

Adam Trunečka

I will actively support legislative proposals to recognize the rights of same-sex spouses moving to other EU member states, including in states where same-sex marriage has not yet been legalized. Since the issue of LGBTI rights will likely develop dynamically in the next 5 years, my office will always be open for pro-LGBTI civil rights organizations – and I will listen to their needs and try to gather support for their proposals.

Ana María Ruiz Jiménez

Como he hecho hasta ahora. Siempre respetando la identidad de las personas, sean como sean. Libertad de ser lo que se quiera.


I will work closely with Comeout4Europe to ensure the protection and promotion of the LGBTI rights at all times, everywhere. I will do this by proposing and advocating for EU policies and national accountability in implementing them.