Jonas Kettunen

The role of the Council of Europe, which is independent from the EU, in human rights work and in promoting human rights cooperation between states have to be strengthened, and the Council's recommendations for securing LGBTQIA+ rights must be implemented at national levels and by agreements. The work of the LQBTIQ Equality Strategy must be strengthened. Active dialogue need to be held with activists and organizations promoting democracy, equality and the rights of minorities, and taking into account their expertise. The rights of asylum seekers belonging to minorities must be protected.

Jan Majicek

I will support every initiative promoting equal rights and resisting far-right.

Hadj Abdelkader Sadia

A ne laisser aucune place à la discrimination dans toutes les lois et les directives

Saga Carlgren

I will to the best of my ability and together with organizations that stand for the rights and safety of the LGBT+-community advocate for these issues at every opportunity.

Luke “Ming” Flanagan

I commit to continue working together with civil society for LGBTI rights, equality and democracy across the EU and beyond. l pledge to ensure that the EU defends LGBTI people’s rights and equality in the EU as well as worldwide.