Gerben Horst

Europe is a community of values, with a strong emphasis on human rights. These are non-negotiable. LGBT+ isn't an ideology, but says something about someones personal identity.
I will give special attention to:
– mutual recognition of (registered) partnershcps of all EU citizens and their children (rainbow families) in relation to the EU principle of free movement of persons;
– the situation of LGBT+ with a religious background;
– the rights and protection of LGBT+ refugees.

Petra Korlaar

I strongly believe in promoting and protecting the rights of the LGBTI community. I will work towards advocating for equal rights and opportunities for all individuals, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. I will support for legislation that prohibits discrimination and hate crimes based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Very important is also to endorse initiatives aimed at raising awareness and promoting acceptance of the LGBT community within society.